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You are free to choose, but you are not free from the consequence of

your choice.

We make many choices daily. Whether our choices are positive or

negative has a lot to do with how we are disciplined and what we are

taught about our morals, beliefs and values during childhood.

Teachers often share with me how difficult teaching has become due to

the lack of respect, feelings of entitlement, the degree of disregard for

others -- especially toward people who are different from themselves.

How unfortunate it is for a child not to have the type of adults in their

life that know how to discipline with "thumb down and arm around" and

who give an appropriate consequence for inappropriate or bad behavior.

Adults should never forget that everyone, including children, need to

feel a sense of belonging. They need to feel safe, loved and respected. It

doesn’t cost money to give these basic things to children, it simply

requires an emotionally mature adult that will take time to be aware,

listen and make the child a priority.


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