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Meet the ItsIts - a children's book about friendship and starting new adventures

Meet the Itsits

Can the ItsIts find their perfect home? But, who are the ItsIts? Are these six fun-loving and wacky friends prepared for what awaits them?

The beautiful island of ItsItville was exactly what the curious and adventure-seeking ItsIts were looking for. After settling in, they set out to find the perfect tree for their dream treehouse.  The ItsIts know very little about this mysterious island, but they’re about to find out…

Meet the ItsIts is educational entertainment at its finest for children ages 4-11. If you and your child like colorful illustrations, meaningful lessons about emotional maturity, and allegories that address sensitive issues, then you’ll love Kay Francis’s fantastic children’s book.

Buy Meet the ItsIts, the first book in the ItsIts series, and embark on a new adventure today!


Driver Misses Dazie

This book helps children learn how to deal and cope with the different feelings brought on by loss
Moving, leaving friends, divorce, or death of a relative, pet or friend are all losses a child may experience at one time or another. Driver Misses Dazie's compelling story is must read for children and parents.

Trouble in Itsitville

Bullying is one of the most negative and damaging acts children face and can have a negative impact on them for a lifetime.
Children often go to school in fear of being bullied or go to school knowing they are the target of bullying.

This ItsIt story deals with this troublesome and potentially
injurious behavior. The ItsIts provide parents with a thoughtful way to discuss bullying with their children.

Whether being bullied or being the bully, Trouble in ItsItville is a critical read for anyone parenting or working with children. It can be a first step in helping bullies understand the negative and damaging effects their behavior has on others and the need to seek help.

Something's Different in Itsitville

An ItsIt story, that deals with the topic of diversity and teaches children about the importance of becoming aware, sensitive and respectful of others and their differences.
Read this lively story to see what the ItsIts discover and learn on their very own island of ItsItville.

Secrets in Itsitville  

The ItsIts have a new dilemma, secrets. Is it a good secret or bad secret? Solo learns the difference between the two in this entertaining story.

The 3 Book Itsit Series

Get 3 of the Itsit adventures!
  • Driver Misses Dazie
  • Something’s Different in ItsItville
  • Trouble in ItsItville

© 2016 

Author, Kay Francis

Illustrator,​ Anita Solver

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