Getting to Know Driver

Hi to my friends, parents and teachers. I may be the last Its It to introduce myself, but I’m far from the least! My name is Driver, and the personality trait that I represent is INFLUENCE.

I’m proud to say that I’m one of the six ItsIts. Although I like to believe I’m the ItsIt with the most drive and achievement, it just isn’t true. No, I would never have my drive, or be who I am, if it weren’t for developing the traits of the other five ItsIts; Self-Love, Self-Power, ChitChat, Solo, and EQ.

When I stop and think about Influence and all that it means, I am grateful I to represent this personality trait. With this trait I am highly motivated, I’m impactful, and my impact on others is positive. I’m quite driven, ha, that explains my name.

Maintaining a balance between all of the traits the ItsIt represent, mine included, is critical and necessary to develop into a well-grounded, mindful, interesting and, contented person. Who wouldn’t want to have that going on for them?

I’m a super motivator especially for anyone who wants to improve their attitude and their personality. Rising to my highest potential is something I like to share with others and also help them achieve. Self-Development is an ongoing process and one I could only do by first, learning how to observe myself with a critical eye; an inward gaze that isn’t condemning or self-defeating, but instead curious, courageous and eager to make a change.

Below are some specific characteristics of my personality that INFLUENCE helped me develop:

  1. Determined

  2. Consistent

  3. Impactful

  4. Integrity

  5. Open to Constructive Criticism

  6. Positive

  7. Patient

  8. Helpful

Now, that’s what I call a list! Use this as a check list. With each new development or improvement you make, check it off the list, and experience new aspects of your personality. Appreciate the change or improvements you have made and experience the positive outcomes. You can do this!

The secret to developing a genuine and pleasing personality is taking each step in the proper order, starting with your relationship with yourself; your need for Self-Love and Self-Power. Acquiring these first two positive personality traits isn’t difficult if you’re determined and willing to take that first step.

However, you can’t escape experiencing less positive emotions, such as; anger, sadness, grief, frustration or disappointment. These emotions come with being human. A wise person once said, “You can never truly know happiness if you never experience sadness.” Think about that!

I can’t speak for the other ItsIts, but I sure have enjoyed sharing myself with you. If you haven’t yet read the letters from ItsMe, Dynomi, ChatChat, Solo, and EQ, I recommend you take a little time to relax, read, learn and enjoy.

Oh, one final thing, if you want more information about the personality characteristics the ItsIts represent and how they impact you daily, visit us at or email us at info@ItsItville, we are happy to answer. To order our books go to and search for ItsIts in the children book department.

Time to sign off with hopes we meet again soon.

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