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Happiness is a Choice

What is happiness? I believe happiness is different for different people. Some find happiness with financial success, some with material things/toys, some from work, some from hobbies, friends, and so forth. But if your happiness is tied only to a specific thing, which all are external, at some point in your day, you are with yourself. Then what?

If it is only the external things in life that make us feel happy, then does that mean if these things cease to exist, we can no longer be happy?

Our life is made up of choices, but the key to happiness is making the choice to approach life with a positive attitude so that when difficult situations and disappointments present themselves (and they will -- that’s life), we have the inner strength and courage to make positive choices that will bring us out on the other side without robbing us of our inner happiness.

Here are some questions to help you take a deeper look into your attitude which plays a huge part in the choice you make:

1. Are you envious of what others have that you don’t have?

2. Do you care about the feelings of others?

3. Do you blame your past for what is going wrong in your future?

4. Do you always have to be the center of attention?

5. Are you willing to give up something you want to make another person successful or happy?

6. Are you unwilling to look at your part in a relationship gone bad?

7. Do you blame others for the choices you make? Remember once you hit adulthood you are in complete control of the choices YOU make!

8. Do you have friends and co-workers that seek you out for friendship?

9. Last, but far from least, are you willing and courageous enough to look inward and even consider therapy to unlock what it is that keeps you from loving yourself and developing a positive attitude so you can make positive choices for positive change?

I hope this little questionnaire helps you consider how your choices impact your happiness.

Here's to great choices and more happiness.


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