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Getting to know ItsMe

Hi, I'm ItsMe the Self-Love Itsit.

Dear Teachers and Parents,

If you don't already know me, I'm ItsMe the Self-Love ItsIt. I am just one of six ItsIts and we each represent a personality trait...a trait everyone has, even YOU.

I asked myself, "How much do my followers really know about me?"

You know my name, I've told you what I stand for, but do you really understand the role I play in your life?

Most people cringe when I say I represent Self-Love. They assume just another one of those self-consumed, self-absorbed narcissistic people. No, no, no, I am quite the opposite.

Loving and liking myself is absolutely necessary if I desire to develop a level of self-esteem that builds self-confidence. Loving me means believing in myself and developing my ability to love others. These are qualities worth developing and building in yourself, so you can help, your children or your students to develop and build within themselves.

If you don't experience yourself as adequate and valuable, it decreases your ability to help your children and students to achieve self-love in their lives. It's almost impossible to give to someone what you don't possess yourself.

Being ItsMe is an honor and exciting because it allows me to experience myself as thoughtful, kind and humble. It also offers me the capacity to love others and choose emotionally healthy relationships; relationships that are fulfilling. It's the very foundation for me to have self-respect and respect for others.

Ask yourself these three basic, but, critical questions:

  1. How much do I love, like and respect myself, and how do I convey that to others?

  2. How do I encourage this feeling in those I teach? (My children or students)

  3. How is this confirmed in my life?

Please don't answer these questions with, "I am a good person, I do nice things for others." These types of answers generally indicate that you mostly overlook your own needs and wants; often causing internal suffering and low-self esteem. Low self-esteem frequently causes feelings of sadness, disappointment, anger or bitterness. Overall, low self-esteem creates self-doubt, poor judgement and choices, and a less than satisfying life.

My precious friends and followers, I want only the best for you so I hope this little bit of information makes you stop and examine your own ability to love yourself. Remember, we are never too old to change and never too old to develop a healthy love for self.

Thanks for reading,



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