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The Value of Giving

Children absorb information at early ages. Teaching begins as we set a daily routine and consistent rules. Potty training, learning what yes means vs. what no means are other areas of learning that are important to a child’s development. Depending on the attention span of the child, we also begin teaching them how to share with other children.

Parents, this is a perfect time to add another lesson; the lesson of giving without expecting anything in return. This lesson is easily taught by simply letting your child choose an item that they are willing to pass on to a playmate or donate to a child in need. It could be a book, a game, a toy, or whatever the child chooses. It should be their choice. Whenever possible, include the child in the delivery of the item.

The positive outcome of teaching these two values is it helps build the character of the child. Sharing and experiencing the good feelings associated with giving helps to develop a generous spirit.


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