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Shrink the Wise Owl Imparts Wisdom

Good Day Readers,

Shrink the Wise Owl

For those of you that haven’t met me yet, I’m Shrink the wise owl.

I found my island when I was very young. It has a beautiful beach, majestic mountains, and colorful trees and flowers. It is like no other island I have ever seen!

I built my home in the best tree on the island. For years I have lived here in peace and joy. I enjoy a quiet schedule of sleeping by day and exploring by night. To me, being alone is when my creativity and imagination are at its best. Therefore, I’m alone, but never lonely. I often give advice to the other creatures on the island. Some think I’m a bit bossy, but that hasn’t stopped them from taking my advice.

One beautiful day, I was snoozing quite nicely when I was awakened by unbelievable noises. There was banging, chatter, giggling and more banging. I looked down to see six critters running around my tree carrying building stuff; wood, nails and hammers. Much to my shock, they were building, or I should say trying to build, something in my tree! In my home! Can you believe that? I didn’t like it one bit.

These critters were strange looking. They all looked alike, except for their color and they each had a different picture on their stomachs. I must admit that they were rather cute, but they were very different from anything I have ever seen.

I wasn’t sure I wanted to share my tree (my home) at first, but after a great deal of talking I must admit there was something endearing about these characters that called themselves the ItsIts. They appeared kind and in need of direction, so I thought it over and agreed to share my tree and let them build their tree house.

Because the ItsIts (ItsMe, Dynomi, ChitChat, Solo, EQ, and Driver) love adventure and excitement, I keep a close eye on them. I often have to swoop in to help them when things don’t go quite right. Their saving grace is that they love children and love to help them. So, I can’t help stepping in with assistance and sound advice.

I’ve come to realize that sharing my home isn’t all that bad. I enjoy having them around…except for the times they wake me up, which happens way too often! Ugh! They can’t get it through their heads that I sleep during the day. But, I must admit, the ItsIts have taught me to be flexible and patient. Who (no pun intended) says you can’t teach and old bird new tricks!

Well, there you have it. I’m just an old bird with six wacky friends to keep a watch over and also enjoy. I love supporting them and offering my advice whenever needed. I hope you enjoy the ItsIts and ItsItville as much as I do.

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