Learning to look inside with Solo

Hello, I’m Solo, the personality trait I represent is SOLITUDE. Don’t let the word solitude throw you; it means: I like to spend time alone to think. I especially enjoy thinking without distraction or interruption.

Solitude, my quiet place, is the time when I can look inside of me and, learn more about who I am and who I’m not. Identifying those buried personality traits is also called introspection. Ah, another one of those big words. Introspection means; taking quiet time to recognize and understand my feelings, my thoughts, and my actions. When I am clear and truthful with myself, I am able to determine what is good, and not so good; an important trait for learning how to make positive change.

The other ItsIts think, I overthink, and sometimes I do, but for the most part, solitude is a very priceless personality trait and very beneficial, as an example; I can think before I speak or take action. Have you ever made a decision or choice and later realized it was a mistake? I’m sure you have, no one is perfect. However, I learned I could reduce the number of my poor choices or bad decisions, by first, considering all of the facts of a situation. I think this is the coolest thing ever.

Here is some positive traits that Solitude, (quiet time) added to my personality:

  1. Greater insight

  2. Better understanding of self and others

  3. Good decisions and wise choices

  4. More creativity

  5. Awareness, sensitivity, thoughtfulness and, respect for self and others

  6. Enjoying less stress and experiencing more inner-peace

Can you imagine NOT wanting these personality traits? I promise you will never regret you made time in solitude to think and uncover new knowledge about yourself. It sure opened my eyes!

To get the most from your personal development, you need to understand that each ItsIt and the personality traits they represent all build on one another. In other words, it takes all of the ItsIt traits together to develop an emotionally healthy person who is confident, caring, positive, and productive.

To explain further, think of personal development in three stages:

1st.Stage: ItsMe, and Dynomi, offer you Self-Love and Self-Power = development of your relationship with yourself.

2nd Stage: ChitChat and Solo offer you Communication and Solitude = your relationship now includes developing friendships, gaining greater insight, being comfortable in your own skin, and being confident with others.

You are probably asking, “Where is the 3rd stage?” Well, there are two more ItsIts who complete the 3rd stage. They like to speak for themselves, but I’m sure they won’t mind if I introduce them. They are EQ and Driver; I can’t wait until you learn what new traits they represent.

Remember, solitude, your quiet time, and all of the personality traits it offers, will let you think about who you are and what you need to improve or change. Trust me, if you only take the time to learn how to make better decisions and choices your day-to-day will run much smoother. But, don’t overlook the opportunities you have waiting for you by developing or improving all of the ItsIt traits.

Goodbye, for now, I hope you THINK about me often because I always THINK about YOU.

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