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Learning to look inside with Solo

Hi, I am Solo, the Solitude Itsit and this is Mr. Crab.

Hello, I’m Solo, the personality trait I represent is SOLITUDE. Don’t let the big word throw you; Solitude simply means, I like to spend time alone so I can think without distraction or interruption.

Solitude, a quiet place, is the time when we can look inside of ourselves and, learn more about who we are and who we are not. Exploring thoughts, feelings, beliefs and how you think and feel is also called introspection. Ah, introspection, another big word, it simply means; taking quiet time to help us recognize and understand the ways in which people, including yourself, feel, think, and act. When we are clear and truthful with ourselves, we are able to decide what is good for us me and what isn't good for us. We learn to take a path that leads us to better understanding and positive changes.

Quiet time (solitude), helps to make you think before speaking or taking action. Have you ever made a decision or choice and later realized it was a mistake? I bet you have, because no one is perfect. However, I discovered I made less mistakes and less bad decisions by first taking quiet time to think and consider the facts and what it was I actually felt about the person or situation. I think this is the coolest thing ever.

The other ItsIts think, I overthink, and sometimes I do, but for the most part, taking time in solitude is a smart place go so we can think and consider many things. Most answers are within us and it is awareness of how we feel that can lead us in a positive direction. I'm very grateful that I am the ItsIt that represents Solitude, It's such an important trait.

Here are some of the positive traits that Solitude, (quiet time) that helps create a more positive personality:

1. Better understanding of self and others

2. Good decisions and wise choices

3. More creativity

4. Awareness, sensitivity, thoughtfulness and, respect for self and others

5. Enjoying more happiness

Can you imagine NOT wanting all of these personality traits? I can't!

To get the most from your personal development, you need to understand that each ItsIt and the personality traits they represent all build on one another. In other words, it takes all six of the ItsIt traits, melded together, to develop an emotionally healthy person who is confident, caring, positive, and productive.

To explain even further, think of these 3 stages of personal development:

1st. Stage: ItsMe, and Dynomi, offer you Self-Love and Self-Power = development of your relationship with yourself. Developing your self-esteem, self-confidence and your sense of worth and value

2nd Stage: ChitChat and Solo offer you Communication and Solitude = your relationship is no longer with just yourself, it now includes others. Developing friendships, more understanding of others and, being comfortable with who YOU are and being confident with yourself and others.

3rd stage: Equality and Influence = offer you ....well, you will find what they offer once you read what EQ and Driver will teach you about the traits they represent. But, let me just say, you will definitely want to develop the traits that EQ and Driver offer, because they will prepare you for greater success.

Lastly, let me remind you that Solitude, your quiet time, and all that it offers, will lead you on a good path. Trust me, when you take the tine to learn how to make better decisions and choices your day-to-day life will be much happier and it will easier to deal with difficult situations and people.

I have to say goodbye, for now, but, I hope you THINK about me often, I always THINK about YOU.

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