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Are these six fun-loving and wacky friends prepared for what awaits them on their new Island?


Shrink, the wise owl, is not happy when she discovers what the 6 new creatures have planned for her favorite tree.  But the ItsIts are not prepared to give up on their dream. 


Will they be able to do what they set out to do?

Find out in "Meet the ItsIts".


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Engaging & Thoughtful Educational Books For Children

The world moves pretty quickly, and for children, it can seem like a blur. They can occasionally feel like they have no control, and emotions may arise that can cause behavioral issues. Often this behavior suggests they’re suffering in some way. Helping children cope with their feelings is a primary concern of parents, who just want the best for their kids.

The ItsIt Edutainment Collection for Children

ItsIts Inc.’s collection of educational books for children helps parents teach their kids how to manage their feelings and express them. Raising a happy, self-confident child is the goal of any parent, and the ItsIts are here to help! These personality traits books are also an excellent way to introduce the idea of different personalities in other people.


During adventures, learning experiences, and fun, this group of friends introduces children to the concept of working with others. Through these stories, kids can begin to understand that everyone reacts differently to situations and how to resolve conflict in meaningful ways. Learning how to interact, understand, empathize, and express themselves are vital aspects of emotional growth. By using relatable situations, the ItsIts introduce children to the rewards of finding a balance and compromise.


Order your educational books for children for your loved ones today!

Children in today’s hectic world often display behavior that suggests they are suffering in some way. When children suffer, parents suffer and vice-versa.


Most parents want to raise self-confident, healthy, and happy children!

Let's read what adventures the ItsIts are up to on ItsItville Island. 


We believe our stories can help. The ItsIts offer a lot of fun while teaching children but we also learn some pretty valuable life lessons.


Read together!

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