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A Strange Thanksgiving


What will Thanksgiving look like to you and your family?



Thanksgiving will probably seem a little strange this year due to Covid-19.  Doctors are recommending that we plan Thanksgiving in a new way in order to consider the safety of ourselves and others. 

To help protect our families and friends, the experts recommend that we limit the number of people we invite into our home. It's hard to social distance with more than 4 people, not including your immediate family, so consider the amount of space you have in order for everyone to be at least six feet apart (even during dinner). Require everyone wears a mask except while eating. I know this is inconvenient but it beats taking unnecessary risks.  Hopefully, this isn't forever and it's a small price to pay to keep yourself and love ones safe.

Covid-19 has made us become more creative, especially when planning a holiday. For most folks, sharing  Thanksgiving with others makes this day extra special. So, put on your creative thinking caps and create a solution that addresses our "new normal". We just need to rethink how we can do Thanksgiving differently. 

Here are some suggestions you may want to consider:

  1. First, check the TV guide to see if there will be Thanksgiving parades  This is a nice way to spend time while your meal is cooking.

2. You may want to schedule a Skype, Zoom or Facetime call with family and friends throughout the the day. It's not quite the same, but it allows for interaction and closeness. 

3. Think about, and schedule, a virtual meeting during meal time so you all are eating together. This can be both fun and satisfying.

4. If the children are old enough include them in some of the preparations'.

5. Board games, board games and more board games. They are fun and they can include everyone. What a better way to spend family time. Or, how about a contest to see who can draw or create the best looking Turkey.

I'm sure you can find your own creative spirit to make your Thanksgiving Day special In spite of the  virus. Just focus on all of the things you are grateful for. 

My family writes down three things they are grateful for and before desert we each take a turn sharing these three things. Amazing what you hear and learn from this little activity. 

So, my friends before the big day arrives, begin planning how you can safely have a Thanksgiving day filled with love, joy and fun. 

Here in ItsItville, we are planning our Thanksgiving and getting very excited. We are wishing all of you a great day, but don't eat too much Turkey!

From all of your ItsIt friends love,

ItsMe and Dynomi, ChitChat and Solo, EQ and Driver....Shrink is also wishes you a happy Turkey Day.

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