Well, guys, it’s almost Christmas. ARE YOU READY?

We ItsIts are more than ready, we can hardly wait. ItsItville Island is lit up as bright as the stars in the sky. Our Christmas tree is decorated and sitting in our fantastic tree house. We wrapped presents and put them under the tree (we each make a little something for one another.

Each year we promise not to sneak or peek at any of the gifts before the big morning. ChitChat is who we have to watch, nosey critter.

Shrink, our wise advisor keeps reminding us that we should remain calm. Poor old bird she doesn’t have a clue. She’ll be surprised when she sees the present we made for her.

We know you have all been good and we hope you are looking forward to a joyous Christmas, or whatever holiday that you celebrate. We like to honor all of them.

Here’s our Christmas tree. We thought you would enjoy seeing it.

We would love to see your decorations. Why not take a picture and send them to our email address. We would love to put some of them up on our website at Our email address is: ​

So, remember to get a good night sleep on Christmas Eve, so come morning you will have a fun-loving holiday.

Merry Christmas everyone from your best friends the ItsIts.

And thank you for a wonderful year!

Greetings from ItsMe, Dynomi, ChitChat, Solo, EQ, and Driver.

Hey, don’t forget me!

Happy Holidays and may they be filled with lots of fun and blessings.


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Author, Kay Francis

Illustrator,​ Anita Solver

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