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My name is K-OS and I could care less about introducing myself. But then I said “Well, why not? Those goodie goodies, the ItsIts, introduced themselves, so I’m going to do the same.”

K-OS The Bully Eating Rocks

I’m a bully and proud of it! My friends are bullies too. We live over by the swamp on the island the ItsIts named ItsItville. We were doing just fine until those six sissy characters came along and decided to make their home on our island. They even got friendly with Shrink, who we have never liked. Shrink is just a bossy old bird who thinks she’s so smart. Well, she’s not!

My most fun comes from trying to upset the ItsIts and mess up their day. I admit it’s hard to bother them because they are forever cheerful. Cheerfulness makes me want to spit rocks, which I often do. But one day I will achieve my goal and there won’t be one happy ItsIt on this island. I know it hasn't worked yet, they just keep ignoring me and my friends but one day we will get to them.

The ItsIts don’t like me and my friends messing up their lives. They love helping kids we don't. It’s important that I keep reminding the ItsIts who has the power on this island, (me!) One of the ItsIts, ChitChat, even tried to make friends with all of us, Can you believe that? Ridiculous! They must be a little loopy to think we would ever want to be friends with a bunch like them.

All I can say is don’t let those ItsIts fool you. Just because they’re nice doesn’t mean they’re cool. My friends and I are the ones to hang-out with! We’re tough, Making others afraid of us only makes us feel more powerful, so don't expect us to be nice. If we make someone feel bad we have achieved our goal.

But, If you do what we tell you to do things may be ok.

If you’re ever on our island, check us out at the swamp. But be cautious -- we probably won't welcome you! The truth is, we're negative and we want to feel powerful. Dynomi, the Self-Power ItsIt makes me miserable. I don't understand Dynomi's power and I'll never understand why the ItsIts are so happy and helpful. UGH.

If you want to be part of our group, you have to learn that nice isn't fun. Making others unhappy is fun.

So, I'm off now, and I suggest you watch out for me and my friends.

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