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Learning about Others with EQ

Hi, I'm EQ the Equality Itsit.

Hello World,my name is EQ. I’m so excited to introduce myself and tell you about the personality trait I represent which is EQUALITY.

Equality for self and others helps create a more interesting side to your personality. It's a vital trait for developing a person of good character.

When you understand all that equality encompasses, and accept the your need to develop this personality trait, you will then begin growing into a person who is fair-minded, accepting of self and others, non-judgmental, free-thinking and open. Your will accept that all people have an equal contribution to make and everyone should be respected.

As an example. let's Look at acceptance:

Acceptance... Take it from me, acceptance is an unbelievable trait that every person should want to develop. It will benefit you in areas of learning, teaching and, exploring all that is different from you. It can provide you with greater insight and understanding of others, their cultures, ethnicity, race, religion and/or traditions as well as the interesting ways in which people think, feel and act.

Believing in Equality motivated me to learn so many things that I never knew about. It was an eye opener that allowed me to educate myself beyond only what I knew or what I was taught. It made me a much wiser person and helped me to have a better understanding of others and the world around me. You can’t imagine all of the fascinating things I have discovered because I embraced Equality. That’s why I opened my letter to you with “Hello World,” because that is what Equality does; it opens a much larger world to you and the people in it. What a history and cultural lesson.

Words like; ordinary, narrow-minded, racist or, bigoted would never describe ME, and hopefully never describe YOU. They don't fit into a belief in equality for all.

All of the personality traits that the other five ItsIts represent are equal to mine (even though I think mine is special). In fact, it takes all of our personality traits together to makes us into someone who is well liked, happy, understanding, caring and successful. Now that's the type of person we can all become.

Here are just a few positive characteristics that equality brought into my life and can bring into yours:

1. Willingness to be open to new; different cultures, religions, races, traditions or anything else different from who I am and what I know and understand 2. Believing that everyone is of equal value 3. Fair Minded treating others with respect and being fair in all interactions

4. Appreciating what is different about others 5. Understanding and Respecting the differences 6. Learning about other people, other places and cultures, other ideas and, other

opinions 7. Awareness and sensitivity to your environment and those persons around you

Developing yourself in to a person who believes in equality will also help you develop a curious mind. Having a curiosity leads to being more creative. It certainly has made my life more adventurous. Never leaving your comfort zone makes for a boring, insensitive person. Someone YOU wouldn't want to be. Maybe now you can understand why I opened my letter to you saying “HELLO WORLD.” Becoming a person who leaned the importance to think with a fair and equal mind, gave me a much bigger picture of everything. It’s fantastic! I know you haven’t met Driver yet, but I promise you, the personality trait that Driver represents will blow you away.

So, friends, I beg you, don’t stay comfortable and stand on the sidelines of life. Learning what is great about “different,” opens your mind to enjoy what you haven’t yet learned. Equality can be your best friend.

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