Too Little Family Time

Happy Thanksgiving from the whole Itsit family!

I love Thanksgiving Day, but with that said, it’s kind of scary to think of how family- time has changed over recent years and how little quality time we actually spend as a family.

It seems that we have to schedule EVERY THING, even our family time.

I’m exhausted thinking about how we rush from event to event, eating dinner on-the-run, juggling way too many obligations (or what we perceive as obligations) and trying to keep everyone happy. I bet you feel the same way: it’s just plain craziness isn’t it?

Most of you know I’m a grandmother so my time is somewhat less hectic than most of you. But I can easily remember all of the days of rushing in a hundred directions. But as I look back I realize that I may have had it a little easier because my children could still play outside and be safe. And for the most my children could arrange their own playdates in their neighborhood.

The question I use to ask myself on a fairly regular basis and now wonder if you ask yourself is, “WHERE AND WHEN do I get off of this fast running train?”

How does this question tie into Thanksgiving Day you ask?

Well, I love Thanksgiving Day because the train stops running, or at least it stops for me.

Does it stop for you?

Unlike the rest of the holidays, which requires endless hours of planning and activity to make it all come together, Thanksgiving is a little easier. Other than the cooking, it’s a day for just being with family and loved ones or a day to share and serve others. Regardless how you spend Thanksgiving it’s generally the one day we put our pettiness, concerns, or whatever our differences are aside and actually come together and share a meal and a little time. What a concept.

This year I have a suggestion, during your Thanksgiving look around and ask yourself if there is anything you could do different to make dinner time a family time at least two times during the week. Remember there was a time when there was actually a dinnertime and everyone knew to come to the table.

Well, I know time has changed and maybe it’s not realistic that you can make dinner time a nightly event, (you learn a lot sitting around a table) but maybe you can make it happen more often.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone…and here’s to the turkey.

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