4 Top Indicators of a Passive Aggressive Personality

Before you decide that your spouse, partner, child, coworker, boss or friend are Passive Aggressive, you first need to understand what a passive aggressive personality is, and what feelings a passive aggressive person can generate within you.

“Behind the simile, a hidden knife!” – A Chinese proverb

This quote is key to understanding this type of personality. The passive aggressive personality quietly sticks the knife in. You don’t see or feel it happening, you simply notice you are bleeding and experience uncomfortable and confused feelings that you can’t quite identify. 4 Top Indicators of a passive aggressive personality:

1. They do not deal with their anger directly; making it difficult to identify or understand their problem.

2. They carry their anger like a badge and probably grew up in an environment where anger was not addressed constructively.

3. They haven’t experienced the benefits of being open and honest with their feelings, particularly feelings of anger. Thus, they confuse others and make open and honest communication difficult.

4. Because of their vagueness and indirectness you will find that the time you spend with them is often difficult and draining.

The passive aggressive person can leave you in the dark as to where you stand in your interactions with them. You will often experience frustration, feel misunderstood and drained when dealing with this personality.

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