Have you Taught Your Child the Value of No?

Saying No to your child

How Much is Too Much for Your Child?

It’s tempting to give our children all of the things they desire. This is especially true of adults who as children had very little.

Most parents strive to make sure that their children have what they need which is a part of our responsibility as a parent. However when we go over the top; meeting their every request we do them a terrible injustice.

Parents who have difficulty saying no to their children and who have not taught them to respect and accept the word no, have set their children up for a big shock in their future. It is almost certain that at some point in time your child will be told NO by someone. How will they react?

Regardless of how powerful or wealthy a child’s parents may be this doesn’t take away from the fact that in spite of a parent’s good fortune their children still need to know the value of No.

Our children are growing up in a fast-paced society that is filled with messages about having the best, the newest and the most. These types of messages, more often than not, lead children to develop unrealistic expectations; expectations that can’t be guaranteed in life.

Four important lessons that the word No teaches, and is the responsibility of parents to teach is: 1. To respect authority 2. Appreciate whatever is given to them 3. Not to feel entitled 4. To be respectful and caring of others

These are only four of the many lessons that mindful parents strive to teach their children.

If these were the only four lessons you succeeded in teaching your child, you could expect them to be humble, develop healthy interpersonal relationships and communicate effectively.

As parents we have to be aware and ask ourselves, how much is too much?

Let us know what you think about How Much is Too Much.

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