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Winter in ItsItville


Hi Friends,

As you know, Solo is the thinking ItsIt, and he thought we should send you all an update about how things are going here in ItsItville. And of course! We should have done so a long time ago. Because lots of stuff keeps happening here!

Things are great on the Island, other than the water at the beach is way too cold for us to swim. You know how much we love the beach and swimming. But, spring will come before we know it, and once again we will be at the beach and diving in the water. Other than our treehouse, the beach is our favorite place to hang out. Where do you like to hang out?

We are so happy that Iggy the iguana decided to stay on our island. He still looks funny, but he’s amazing. He hangs out on our treehouse porch most of the time and sometimes he plays tricks on us. Last week he snuck a squirrel in our treehouse and the squirrel ate all of our nuts. Iggy pretended not to know anything about it, but he can’t fool us, we knew who put that squirrel in our treehouse. That prankster, we’ll get him back.

Oh, we forgot to tell you, Mr. Crab broke his claw trying once again to copy Dynomi by jumping off another rock. I swear that crab never learns.

It’s getting close to Christmas. In some countries it’s not called Christmas and they celebrate it differently. As an example, in the country of Israel instead of Christmas they celebrate Hanukkah and they celebrate it for 8 days and 8 nights. Neat huh? What do you celebrate?

We got a big surprise yesterday, Shrink stopped in to tell us there was someone new coming to live on our island, but she wouldn’t tell us who or when. She just said we have to be patient. Shucks, Shrink knows we aren’t very good at waiting for anything. Well, once again she probably has a purpose and this time it is to test our patience. That bird is always trying to teach us something. But, we can’t complain. We love having Shrink as our advisor and friend. We’ll just have to be more patient and wait to find out who our new neighbor will be.

Well, friends. We have to go, because we have lots of emails to answer, and hope that you’ll write us too.
Answer some of the questions above, because it’s so much fun to learn more about you.
Until later, be good, be safe, have fun and don’t forget to email us.

If you haven’t read about all our fun adventures yet, you and your parents can visit Amazon and see our new books. Let us know how you like the ItsIt series.

Love and hugs,
ItsMe, Dynomi, ChitChat, Solo, EQ, and Driver

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