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The ItsIts Speak Out


ItsIts advocate for children. They educate, entertain and deal with topics that impact kids. Each ItsIt represents an aspect of one’s personality which is inborn, therefore, adults will also find the topics helpful and of interest. Our goal is to reach the “significant” teachers, which are parents and all adults. Today’s topic is a critical one … Bullying.

ChitChat, the communication ItsIt, asks you this question, “Where and how do you think kids learn bullying behavior?”

ItsIts are optimistic, we hope to receive responses and create an on-going dialog that can reach other caring adults; increasing greater awareness of this topic and hopefully offering solutions. Driver the Self-Power ItsIt, points out, “the only group that can truly help educate and eliminate bullying is the group with the power…adults like you!”

Solo, the solitude, insightful and thinking ItsIt states “a child doesn’t come into this world as a bully. Bullying is a learned behavior through observation and/or experience. Intimidation, threats or demeaning acts teach bullying.”

Hmm, are you thinking what I’m thinking? Is Solo suggesting that this damaging and hurtful behavior is originally taught to children by adult bullies?

“Yep, that’s what I am suggesting. Adults are the culprits. To be emotionally healthy, a child requires an environment that offers love and makes a them feel valuable and respected. Unfortunately, many kids grow up in an environment where parents or other adults are unaware, insensitive, bigoted, angry, and negative; all of which promotes bullying.” Solo replies.

ItsMe, the Self-Love ItsIt adds “It makes my heart ache whenever I hear about kids who have been victims of bullying. I also feel sorry for the bully, because he/she is an unhappy and misled child; a child that received negative messages. Whether the bully is a child or adult, the outcomes are the same, they are often devastating and can dictate a child’s attitude for a lifetime.” Says ItsMe.

EQ the Equality ItsIt, pleads, “It has to stop, please, we’re asking all of you to help. The influence ItsIt, Driver recognizes that hurt people, hurt people! In an effort to help, schools offer programs, but it has proven not to be enough. We need also be teaching adults. Driver asks, “How many kids’ do we allow to get hurt or even lose?

The ItsIts beg you to join us in our effort to reach more adults and children of reading age. Let’s be the voices that speak out and help change bullies into caring individuals. Or at least, let’s help children bullies learn factual information. Let’s be the voice that tells them that they are worthwhile, lovable and capable of changing their beliefs and behavior.

See you soon,
The ItsIts

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