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My name is K-OS and I could care less about introducing myself. But then I said “Well, why not? Those goodie goodies, the ItsIts introduced themselves, so I’m going to do the same.” I’m a bully and proud of it! My friends are bullies too. We live over by the swamp on the island the ItsIts named ItsItville. We were doing just fine until those six sissy characters came along and decided to make their home on our island. They even got friendly with Shrink, who we have never liked. Shrink is just a bossy old bird who thinks she’s so smart. Well, she’s not! My most fun comes from trying to upset the ItsIts and mess up their day. I admit it’s hard to bother them because they are forever cheerful.

Shrink the Wise Owl Imparts Wisdom

Good Day Readers, For those of you that haven’t met me yet, I’m Shrink the wise owl. I found my island when I was very young. It has a beautiful beach, majestic mountains, and colorful trees and flowers. It is like no other island I have ever seen! I built my home in the best tree on the island. For years I have lived here in peace and joy. I enjoy a quiet schedule of sleeping by day and exploring by night. To me, being alone is when my creativity and imagination are at its best. Therefore, I’m alone, but never lonely. I often give advice to the other creatures on the island. Some think I’m a bit bossy, but that hasn’t stopped them from taking my advice. One beautiful day, I was snoozing qui

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