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Learning about Others with EQ

Hello World, I’m so excited to introduce myself and tell you about the personality trait I represent. My name is EQ and I represent EQUALITY. Equality and all that it adds to your personality are vital for developing a person of good character. When you understand equality you will learn that you will be a person who is fair-minded, accepting of self and others, non-judgmental, free-thinking and open. A person like me. You probably have most or all of these great qualities but, if you don't, you will want to develop them. Equality helps make us better people. For instance, let's pick just one of the qualities I mentioned: Acceptance, take it from me acceptance is an unbelievable trait th

Learning to look inside with Solo

Hello, I’m Solo, the personality trait I represent is SOLITUDE. Don’t let the word solitude throw you; it means: I like to spend time alone to think. I especially enjoy thinking without distraction or interruption. Solitude, my quiet place, is the time when I can look inside of me and, learn more about who I am and who I’m not. Examining how you feel inside is also called introspection. Ah, another one of those big words. Introspection means; taking quiet time to recognize and understand my feelings, my thoughts, and my actions. When I am clear and truthful with myself, I am able to decide what is good for me and not so good for me. Learning to look inside of myself really helps me to make p

Power-up with Dynomi

Hi Everyone, For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Dynomi, (Dy-no-my) the Self-Power ItsIt. Just like my other five ItsIt friends, I represent a personality trait that I want to explore with you, so you can know me better. Ask yourself what comes to your mind when you think of power? Is it wealth, and being able to buy whatever you want? Being famous? An important position or title? The status of coming from a socially prominent family? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you would be correct, but only if you are describing outside power. What I represent, and what you also have the ability to develop, is much more valuable and useful than outside power. I’m proud to say I have

Chatting with ChitChat

Hi, it’s me, ChitChat. I’m one of six ItsIts. You may not know that each ItsIt represents a personality trait. So, I decided it was time to share with all of you boys and girls, your parents, and teachers more about whom I am and what I represent in YOUR life. The personality trait I represent is Communication. I love representing communication because it means I’m friendly and like meeting people. Communication offers me the opportunity to chat with new people and form new friendships. I guess that’s why they call me ChitChat. Being a good communicator helps me to be open, honest and, with speak in a tone of voice others enjoy hearing. My listening skills are excellent, which reassures peo

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