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Too Little Family Time

I love Thanksgiving Day, but with that said, it’s kind of scary to think of how family- time has changed over recent years and how little quality time we actually spend as a family. It seems that we have to schedule EVERY THING, even our family time. I’m exhausted thinking about how we rush from event to event, eating dinner on-the-run, juggling way too many obligations (or what we perceive as obligations) and trying to keep everyone happy. I bet you feel the same way: it’s just plain craziness isn’t it? Most of you know I’m a grandmother so my time is somewhat less hectic than most of you. But I can easily remember all of the days of rushing in a hundred directions. But as I look back I rea

4 Top Indicators of a Passive Aggressive Personality

Before you decide that your spouse, partner, child, coworker, boss or friend are Passive Aggressive, you first need to understand what a passive aggressive personality is, and what feelings a passive aggressive person can generate within you. “Behind the simile, a hidden knife!” – A Chinese proverb This quote is key to understanding this type of personality. The passive aggressive personality quietly sticks the knife in. You don’t see or feel it happening, you simply notice you are bleeding and experience uncomfortable and confused feelings that you can’t quite identify. 4 Top Indicators of a passive aggressive personality: 1. They do not deal with their anger directly; making it difficult

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