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Do You Know the Warning Signs of Postpartum Depression?

Could you be Suffering From Postpartum Depression? In speaking with a woman recently, she shared her story about her bout with postpartum depression. She told me the following; Three months ago I was blessed with my first child, a son. But to me the blessing felt more like a curse. I no longer felt like myself. Everyone told me – When they place your baby in your arms your maternal instincts will naturally take over. That didn’t happen to me. All I seem to do is cry; feel agitated and resentful toward my husband and my baby. Most days I hate myself and am filled with guilt. I can’t imagine what my family or friends would think of me if I told them how I actually feel, so I try to fake it, bu

Have you Taught Your Child the Value of No?

How Much is Too Much for Your Child? It’s tempting to give our children all of the things they desire. This is especially true of adults who as children had very little. Most parents strive to make sure that their children have what they need which is a part of our responsibility as a parent. However when we go over the top; meeting their every request we do them a terrible injustice. Parents who have difficulty saying no to their children and who have not taught them to respect and accept the word no, have set their children up for a big shock in their future. It is almost certain that at some point in time your child will be told NO by someone. How will they react? Regardless of how powe

Do You Spoil Your Kids? Do You Know When Spoiled Is Not Good?

Suzanne writes – I’m so upset, the kids are always acting up and my Mother is very quick to point out how I’m spoiling my three and I've year old. She’s probably right, but with my husband gone three days a week things are crazy. Suzanne’s story is not unique and maybe you have a similar story. However, the red flag in her story is her agreement with her Mother that she probably is spoiling her children. Have any of us ever been guilty of that? Yeah, right! We’ve all been there. But even so, spoiling can set us mom’s up for more work, more frustration and more feelings of being out of control. Some mothers feel they’re a failure as a mom every time their child pitches a fit or refuses to

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